Ramiro Pinheiro - Brazilian Music Barcelona


Ramiro Pinheiro is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, and guitarist born in the city of São Paulo (Brazil), and, as well as his hometown, his music is the result of multiple influences. Ramiro has spent the last years of his musical career with projects in the United States and Europe, and has sought to develop a brazilian music without borders.

He currently lives in Barcelona, where he does a composition degree in the Conservatório del Liceo and performs in the city’s cultural scene as a solo player and as a member of bands such as Alma Brasileira, Duo Brasil: Corda e Vento, and Gafieira Miúda.


Gafieira Miúda

(2016 Temps Record)

Duo Brasil: Corda e Vento

(2016 Temps Record)


Nasceu Pra Navegar (Ramiro Pinheiro)

Chão de Esmeraldas (Chico Buarque)

Batendo a Porta (João Nogueira)

Casa Forte (Edu Lobo)

Trem das Onze (Adoniran Barbosa)

Receita de Samba (Jacob do Bandolim)